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On-Site & Custom

On Site

We Don’t Have to Send Stuff Off For Powdercoating

With an oven as big as Texas, our powder coating division has the capability to coat just about any component from complete chassis’ as well as small and medium parts. We offer a quick turnaround and have an extensive collection of colors and finishes available for any modern or classic restoration project.

Why Us?

Quick turnaround on any modern or classic restoration project

Huge Oven

We can handle your project, from rims to a full-size pickup truck, hot rod, street rod or rat rod.

Large Color Selection

Choose from a wide variety of colors for your project.

In-House Powdercoating

No need to pack-up and ship-off, we can do it right here.

On-Site Spraying

We can color-match to your modern or classic vehicle color very easily.